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the Year 2008

Hiroyasu Iwata, Human Symbiotic Robot: TWENDY-ONE, JRL/JST Workshop on Research using Actual Humanoid Robots, Sep.2008, IS/AIST-ST2I/CNRS Joint Japanese-French Robotics Laboratory (JRL), LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse (France)

the Year 2006

H.IWATA, Humanoid and Medical Robotics Projects in Waseda University, 2006”N12ŒŽ, South China University of Technology(‰Ψ“엝H‘εŠw), Guangzhou (China)

H.IWATA, S.SUGANO, Haptic Interaction Manipulator for Human-Robot Coordination, 2006”N9ŒŽ, The 3rd CIR-COE Joint Workshop on Robot Technologies for Human-Robot Coexistence, Korea Institute of Science and Technology

the Year 2005

S.SUGANO, H.IWATA, Control System and Mechanism Design for Human-Robot Safe Physical Interaction, 2005”N10ŒŽ, TUM presents: Frontier Sciences at The University of Tokyo and Kyoto University - Workshop 4 on Humanoid Robots: Locomotion and Cognition

H.IWATA, S.SUGANO, Human Robot Contact Identification based on Tactile Recognition, 2005”N8ŒŽ, The 2nd COE-CIR Joint Workshop on Future Technologies of Mechatronics for Its Growing Role in Symbiotic Society with Human

H.IWATA, S.SUGANO, Human Robot Physical Interference Adapting Control Coordinating Human Following and Task Execution, 2005”N2ŒŽ, The 1st CIR-COE Joint Workshop on Intelligent Robot Technologies to Enhance the Quality of Life for Senior Citizens in the Near Future

the Year 2003

S.SUGANO, H.IWATA, Compliance Control of Mobile Manipulators, Workshop on New Developments in Mobile Robot Manipulation, IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation (ICRAf03), Taipei (Taiwan), Sep. 14th, 2003 (invited)